peter lukas

norwegian, born in austria in 1969
independent artist since 1989
now working mainly with photography.


2000 atelieet biodden, grimstad, norway
2003 nytelsesfestivalen grimstad, bodypaint, norway
2004 grimstad kunstforening (separate), bodypaint , norway
2013 photo (separate), grimstad kunstforening, norway
2013 photo, grimstad kunstforening, norway
2014 photo (separate), haugesund kulturhus, norway
2014 summer exhibition, grimstad kunstforening, norway
2015 photo (separate), gallerie pintea, vienna, austria
2015 photo, gallerie am speicher, kappeln, germany
2016 photo, sorlandsutstillingen, norway
2016 sculpture and photo, gallerie horst maras, vienna, austria
2016 sørlandsutstillingen, norway
2017 vårslep, photography, grimstad kunstforening
2017 new zealand (separate), arendal kunstforening
2017 havet (separate), store torungen fyr
2017 havet (separate), lindesnes fyr
2017 sommerutstillingen, photography, grimstad kunstforening
2017 syria, separate, hamar kulturhus
2017 syria, separate, gjøvik kunstforening
2017 photography, moen båtbyggei
2018 SYRIA universitet i agder – grimstad
2018 SYRIA universitet i agder – kristiansand



1995 ersticken sollt ihr in euren kaeseglocken
2004 schiff ahoi
2013 forandring
2014 forandring tvedestrand
2014 forandring arendal
2014 forandring grimstad
2015 veraenderung schleswig
2015 essence monochrome
2015 veraenderung kappeln
2015 veraenderung flensburg
2015 forandring grimstad II
2015 forandring risør
2016 nelson now and then
2016 forandring bergen
2016 forandring kristiansand
2016 veränderung wien
2016 tilbakeblikk grimstad
2016 den lille jeg er meg
2017 forandring skien
2017 forandring uthavn
2017 forandring prosgrunn
2017 forandring tønsberg
2017 forandring verdal
2017 forandring lillesand
2017 forandring oslo
2017 forandring drammen
2017 grimstad sett fra lufta


contributed to several public and private collections,
amongst other university of agder (norway), diamond exchange, tel aviv (israel), u2-studio, dublin (ireland), statoil (norway), grimstad bibliotek (norway), kornmesser estate (austria, grimstad kommune (norway)


1: i sell no more than 5 photographs a month, because we have enough things in our world that seem to be limitless.
2: all my photographs over 50×75 cm are limited edition of 24.
3: my pictures are pure photographs, no high-tech product of some editing software.